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Coils and rolls

SIA "BALTKARTS" produces spiral winding cardboard tubes in Aizpute, Latvia. Out plant consumes monthly on average 80 tons cardboard that after winding and putting together makes a 200’000 metres long cardboard pipe.

Our company works both with wholesale and individual customers. Our products are sold in all Baltic countries.

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Cardboard tubes

Cardboard cores are obtained during a spiral winding movement gluing several layers of different thickness cardboard sheets. Cardboard sheets are glued with a glue on PVA base. At the end of this process we obtain cardboard pipes that can be used in different packages.

We can produce cardboard tubes with:
  • internal diameter (d): 25 mm -153 mm
  • wall thickness (s): 1.2 mm - 10 mm
  • length (l): 10 mm - 3100 mm
For our pipes we can ensure different colour variations according to client's wishes.

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Cardboard coils

The cardboard coils made by SIA „BALTKARTS” are widely used in textile industry and in other industries. Cardboard coils are made from cut cardboard pipe with corrugated cardboard rings covered with plastic covers. This you obtain a package which can be used to store different winded products.

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Postal tube

We offer mailing tubes which are made of spiral winding cardboard pipe, which is cut according to client's request and is covered with plastic covers. Covers are available in different colours. If requested by the client, we offer also different colour variations for our tubes.

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