Cardboard tubes

SIA "BALTKARTS" produces spiral winding cardboard cores which are made of recycles cardboard that is specially made for productions of cardboard tubes. Glue of PVA type is used in the production of cardboard tubes.

If requested by the client, we offer different colour variations for our tubes.

The intended use of the cardboard tubes

Winding up of textiles:

  • threads
  • yarn
  • rubber
  • ropes
  • different fabrics, etc.

Winding up of technical materials:

  • polyethylene
  • nets
  • papers
  • cardboards, etc.

Winding up of packing materials:

  • package bags
  • package films
  • package ribbons

Offered sizes

Internal diameter (d):25 mm -150 mm
Wall thickness (s):1.2 mm - 10 mm
Length (l):20 mm - 3500 mm