Cardboard cases

Cardboard cases or postal tubes are cardboard tubes of the highest quality and precision, which are available in different colors and the ends of the cardboard cases ar closed off with plastic lids of various colors. These lids can also be locked in place with rivets. Cardboard cases are used as packaging for various products such as maps, posters, various gifts etc.


Offered sizes
  • 25mm - 153mm
  • 1.2mm - 10mm
  • 10mm - 3100mm

Intended use for cardboard cases and tubes.

Cases and tubes are widely used for mail, gift packaging, souvenir packaging and storage of various goods.
  • Maps
  • Posters
  • Paper
  • Painters accesories
  • Company presentation souvenirs
  • Gifts
  • Secondary food packaging
  • Perfumery
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